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Schreib es mit Blut TanzwutCD

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Informácie o tovare

ŽánerFolk Rock
Média formátCD
Média balenieDigipak
K dispozícii od 08.07.2016
Číslo tovaru335403

Released in a digipak incl. a bonus track "Stille Wasser" (feat. Liv Kristine)!

Far away from any cliches, the band TANZWUT has been doing its own thing for 16 years now. With the title "Schreib Es Mit Blut", your first association would probably be the signature of "Faust". However, TANZWUT would not be the distinctive band it is, if they wouldn't have picked out a single theme to release it as an album. This interpretation is about more, much more. Because the big question that arises on this album, is: Who would sell his soul? Or even more drastically put: Who has already sold his soul we don't know about? The special thing about this album is that mastermind Teufel has produced a total of 14 tracks (+ bonus track) with his band that can both stand out as individual songs for themselves, but are also constituting a coherent story throughout the work. With "Schreib Es Mit Blut" a new chapter in the history of TANZWUT will be released. Here, the boundaries between poetry and medieval rock are vanishing. Here it becomes clear that TANZWUT have signed this album with passion. Well-designed lyrics and an impressive production underline the exceptional position of this band. Nobody dares to try so many unusual sound experiments like Teufel and his fellow musicians. TANZWUT are back. Harder and more diverse and surprising than ever. New ideas and proven tradition create an elixir, which you can not escape from. You can only hope that you won't miss a single sip from this cup. So, are you ready to sell your soul for this album?


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