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ŽánerBlack Metal
EdíciaLimitovaná edícia
Média formátLP
Média balenieŠtandard
K dispozícii od 24.10.2014
Číslo tovaru289515

The "Desideratum" of Anaal Nathrakh comes as black 180 gr LP and is limited to 300 pieces.

ANAAL NATHRAKH from Birmingham infect the masses in the autumn with their hot expected new album "Desideratum", the successor of the 2012 critics favourite "Vanitas". It was again produced by guitarist/bass player and programmer Mick Kenney himself, whereby the vocals were recorded in the Necrodeath Studios in Birmingham and the music in The Black Flamingo in Orange County in California as well as the mixing. As a result there are ten emotional traumatising hymns of acoustic debauchery, embodying pure evilness.

ANAAL NATHRAKH - Kenny, together with singer David Hunt aka V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - consist because of one reason: as soundtrack of Armageddon, as acoustic essence of maliciousness, hate and violence, to guide the true spirit of the sick into the musical extreme. Since their founding in 1999 the dastard duo compiled the call to embody all of it. With shouting but also clear vocals in front of a background of controlled chaos, ANAAL NATHRAKH play nothing different from blatant disturbance. Their moving history doesn’t just consist of seven enthusiastic recorded albums as well as an EP, but also of collaborations with big names like Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Shane Embury and Danny Herrera (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (Testament, Dimmu Borgir), Joe Horvath (Circle Of Dead Children) or Sethlans Teitan (Watain). In addition an appearance on BBC Radio 1, to which the dearly missed icon John Peel was personally invited, a headliner-gig at the famous cult festival Inferno in Norway as international live debut, countless placements in year’s best-polls, "Album Of The Month"-awards and title stories in leading magazines like the Terrorizer, which case-hardened ANAAL NATHRAKHs status as one of the leading extreme bands. ANAAL NATHRAKHs unique sound distinguishes itself by musical untamableness, Inventiveness and width paired with incredible, decided misanthropic, high intelligence. Their songs is inherent in a tangible threat, that remains without precedent in the Metal genre. This year ANAAL NATHRAKH targets to further their mission to let the earth collapse with the sun.


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